Accelerate onboarding at scale:
Meet the AI mentor!
Does it take months until your new hires are fully productive?
Are documentation and example work products (e.g. of predecessors) buried in drives, leaving senior employees to spend hours answering questions from new hires?

Enable new hires to learn twice as fast by providing them with the right examples and documentations for concrete tasks.
Save the time spent on answering standard questions.
Award-Winning AI
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Dissertation Prize
German Informatics Society
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University Award Koblenz
Economic and Scientific Alliance
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Dissertation Prize
Faculty of Computer Science
We are like Amazon for in-house documents: Our AI mentor learns user profiles for new hires to promote in-house knowledgetargeted and personalized!
Your employees drop documents on file storages. Based on detected work topics, the AI mentor individually suggests content and explains why in order to make browsing ultra-fast and user-friendly.

Boost learning speed

Deliver the knowledge that cannot be covered by general trainings – with just-in-time learning: Give new hires the right information when they need it for a concrete task!

Our AI mentor recommends content based on recent activity. Just-in-time learning is more efficient and helps solve specific tasks faster.

Smart notifications for relevant new content keep employees updated and help connect employees working on related topics easily and quickly!

Reduce workload for existing employees

Drastically reduce the time your employees spend answering questions: The AI mentor can even answer questions based on employees’ documents.

Save the time for manual labeling, naming and summarizing deliverables or learning material. Aiconver AI orders content fully autonomously for easy search and discovery.

Easier and secure

Ready in hours: Connect all your data sources in a click, no manual labeling required.

Run our mobile-ready web app on all devices, everywhere.

No downloads needed: Documents can be viewed directly in the application.

No training required: familiar, Google-like interface.

Private data stays secure: Keep your security settings and process documents on-premises. AI uses strong double encryption.

Keep your processes as they are. You can integrate the aiconver search into your apps.


€ 141,000 EXIST startup grant for DocuDiet by BMWi / EU, at Technical University of Cologne (2020)
Aiconver emerged from the EXIST project DocuDiet. DocuDiet was supported within the EXIST framework by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the European Social Fund.
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“One of the many Cologne startups that deserves more attention”
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